Not Your Typical Maternity Boudoir

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People think of maternity photos and they think about nothing but the bump…but let’s be honest here…for most women, like myself, the bump doesn’t show up for quite some time.

I spent 24 weeks of being pregnant before a real bump ever even began to show.  24 weeks of changes to my body, 24 weeks of new life growing inside of me…

Every single one of those weeks of pregnancy should be celebrated, admired, and honored.

This babe knew when she booked her shoot that she was pregnant and that her body would rapidly be changing and life would be growing and she wanted to honor herself and her body in these early stages of pregnancy… honor her “pre-baby” body if you will…

I will let her speak from her own heart here


“I wanted to do a Boudoir shoot to get in touch with the raw, sexy version of myself.

The month leading up to my photo shoot was difficult.  I ate my weight in carbs to ease the nausea I felt from being newly pregnant.  I was bloated, hormonal.  I felt as if my body wasn’t my own and was frustrated that I had no control over what was happening to me.  Stripping down in front of strangers had started to sound about as much fun as walking through a minefield.  I walked into Lindsay’s nervous and unsure if I was really supposed to be there.

Lindsay and Erin’s excitement and energy encouraged me to break out of the bullshit shell I had formed.  I felt sexy and empowered not only for facing my vulnerabilities but for owning them.  Lindsay captured a sultriness and sensuality that I had misplaced as my body transitioned into its new role.

I left feeling comfortable in my own skin again and ready to meet the challenges of the journey ahead.  I was reminded to embrace my insecurities for making me real and to appreciate myself in the present.

When I saw my prints for the first time, I took away so much more from the experience I didn’t expect.  I mean, yes, they are sexy as hell.  But I fell in love with my body as a work of art and for its ability to do what it was beautifully designed for, creating life.”


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Hair and Makeup by our resident Glam Goddess Erin Marie Artistry