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Our worth is contingent on no one but ourselves. 

We enter this world worthy of respect and love, and we leave this world worthy of respect and love. That includes you.

It took me 19 years and three major confrontations with myself before I finally believed my own peace and worth were real, and I was entitled to them without apology. Come into the studio and let me help you start believing in that for yourself.

Here’s what Miss J has to say about her Self Love Experience:

“I had been following Lindsay’s Facebook page and blog for years before I booked. I would consider booking a session every time there was a sale; Mother’s Day and Black Friday. I never did though, always second guessed it.

Then, finally, I took advantage of the Black Friday Sale in 2019. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was comfortable with my weight and was active. Then COVID happened. After seven months of living in a pandemic, not taking very good care of myself, gaining almost 20lbs, working from home, remote teaching two of my three children and bearing the invisible load of motherhood; I didn’t feel that confident anymore. A session with Lindsay was what I needed. It was the lift I needed to feel like myself again.

My images are amazing. I feel like I have memorialized the hardest “season” of marriage, motherhood and adulthood. If I had passed on the sale last year there is NO way I would have done it this year. There is no way I would have loved myself enough in 2020 to have committed to this.

So, I’m finding myself again within the beauty of these images.

What Lindsay does is magic and I am so grateful to have stolen some of that magic for myself.”